This was supposed to be another song fic but because I couldn't find the lyrics, I couldn't use them. But my brilliant mother suggested I write down the lyrics as I listened to the song. Simple enough. Not. I had to listen to the darn thing over and over again. I think I got the lyrics, but they may not be precise. So I apologize now if they aren't.

I was just thinking a couple days ago about the upcoming school year. It's my senior year of high school and unfortunately I know I will shed more than my fair share of tears in that span of time. My life's taking a new direction, but upon thinking about it, the past year has been a changing river for me. The song that inspired this fic is found on the Pokèmon sound track. I haven't listened to the song, since my friend Brandon died, until just a few days ago. He accidentally shot and killed himself (Sept. 99) while playing with a gun.

On a lighter note, that's not what the story is about. It's a Silver Millennium- Crystal Millennium story. So please bear with me, my emotions are definitely fueling this story. Enjoy the story.


If Only Tears Could Bring You Back
By Usagi Carter
Last Revised: July 19, 2000

Disclaimer: I don't own Sailor Moon or the song. Naoko-chan owns Sailor Moon and Midnight Sons own the song. Please don't sue! They say imitation is the best form of flattery, and this is imitation - sort of!

To be in the mood to read this, I suggest listening to If Only Tears Could Bring You Back by Midnight Sons found on the Pokèmon: the first movie soundtrack.

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"Artemis! Luna! Where's the princess?" Queen Serenity asked as she looked toward her advisers. The palace was under attack by Queen Beryl and the negaverse.

"She's with Prince Endymion out on the balcony," Luna said as the Queen looked to the balcony in horror.

"SERENITY!" the queen cried out as she rushed from the throne room.

Out on the balcony, the princess and her prince cuddled close together. "I'm glad you made it," Serenity said softly as she buried her head in his chest.

"I wouldn't miss this for the world," Endymion said as he held her tighter. Within seconds, evil laughter and a dark shadow rocked their world for two.

"Well, if it isn't pitiful little Princess Serenity," the sinister voice cackled out loud, shaking the balcony in the process.

"Beryl." Endymion bit out harshly as he positioned Serenity behind him to protect her.

"And Prince Endymion from Earth," Beryl replied in dark humor as she saw the Terran Prince. "Come, come, Endymion. Join me on the winning side and rule beside me as my King," Beryl propositioned.

"Why would I want to join a snake like you, all bitter and twisted and ugly?" Endymion asked, venom lacing his usually warm tenor voice. Serenity stood behind him, fear shaking her body tremendously.

"Ugly am I? A snake too? You'll see how twisted I am when I kill you and your princess," Beryl screamed in rage. She withdrew her sword, which was laced with dark energy, and began to battle with the Terran Prince.

"ENDYMION!" Princess Serenity screamed in horror and sadness seconds later as he collapsed into her arms after being skewered by Beryl's sword.

"Time to join him Serenity," Beryl growled in pain. Even if Endymion was dying in Serenity's arms, he'd still managed to injury Beryl with a few well-placed jabs.

"Serenity...I love you," Endymion whispered as his rabbit held him as close to her as she could.

"I love you too Endymion," the odango haired princess cried into his ear.

"I'll find a way back to you," Endymion whispered with his last breath.

"ENDYMION!" the little princess cried out, her heart wrenching sobs traveling to the almost deaf ears of everyone on the moon. Her Senshi, who lay sprawled below the balcony, their lives quickly leaving them, felt their hearts cry out in torment at their princess' sobs. They knew Endymion was dead, and soon they'd be joining him, leaving their princess unprotected.

"Princess..." Sailor Mercury whispered with one of her last breaths, her chest rising slowly as her life's blood and her energy drained from the many wounds inflicted on her.

"...we will..." Sailor Jupiter whispered before her body was racked with blood oozing coughs. The blood flew freely from her mouth as she attempted to say more, effectively cutting off her voice.

"...find a way..." Sailor Mars whispered as she looked to the balcony, her breath becoming shallower by the second and tears streaming down her cheeks.

"...back to you." Sailor Venus said as each of the Senshi took their last breath before joining the already gone Outers and the Terran Prince that had once, and who would eternally, hold their princess' heart. Venus' last conscious thoughts were of the grief inflicted on her princess. 'I promise, we'll all come back Serenity, and make you whole again.' The Venusian Princess and Warrior of Love thought as she died.

The young Princess, who was still in anguish over the death of her prince, felt her Senshi, with whom she had a strong bond, pledge to come back and then fade into silence. She cried harder at the thought of her four best friends and guardians dying. "I will not live without you!" the Princess screamed into the air. She took Endymion's sword, held it to her breast, and plunged it into her heart.

Queen Serenity, who had been watching it all, used her last resort, the Silver Crystal. She sent all the children of the moon to the future, with Artemis and Luna to guide them should the evil ever return, to live normal happy lives.

How will I solve it
Tomorrow without you here
Whose spark will guide me
When all the answers disappear
Is it too late
Are you too far gone to stay
Best friends forever
Should never have to go away
What will I do you know
I'm only half without you
How will I make it through

If only tears could bring you back to me
If only love could find a way
What I would do what I would give
If you return to me someday, somehow, someway
If my tears could bring you back
To me

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"Sailor Moon's the Moon Princess!" Venus cried out in alarm as the others stared at Tuxedo Kamen and me. I looked down at him and cried. My dearest Endymion, who was slowly dying in my arms, again.

"Don't leave me," I cried as I hugged him tighter. After our memories came back, a battle between Zoiscite and myself ensued. I beat him back with the Silver Crystal and collapsed. Memories of a lifetime ago kept flooding my mind and my heart. The final minutes of our first life together replaying like a broken record in my mind. Scenes of us together in this life, arguing and throwing insults. 'Mamo-chan!' my heart screamed in anger and hurt and despair. I heard Mars cry out about him disappearing and I tried to open my eyes.

I sit here now, and think about what happened. Beryl's stolen him from me. She's turned his mind against me, but I know deep inside, I will always own that heart of his. It has always been my prisoner, just as my own heart has always belonged to him, whether I was Serenity the Princess of the long dead Moon Kingdom, Sailor Moon the klutzy heroine or Usagi the crybaby, stupid eighth grader.

Tears slip down my face. I'm not the only one to be hurt by the circumstances. Sailor Mars, Hino Raye, and my best friend, was also in love with the Terran Prince, the masked hero who always saves us and current conceited college jerk. She too hurts with the pain of losing him. But her hurt is different. She hurts because she knows, or so she says she knows, that his heart has been mine from the start and that he has always belonged to me instead of her. I wish I could explain that we don't belong to anyone, but that we loved each other then and love each other now because our hearts won't allow us to love any other.

My tears fall as I worry about whether or not he will ever return to my embrace. It seems so long since we last held each other, and in truth it hasn't been that long, not really. We last held each other after he was injured. But that wasn't a true embrace. The truth is, the last time he held me and looked at me with such love and devotion in his eyes was the final battle on the moon. I sit and cry now, wishing only that he return to me once more, to hold me and love me like he did so many times before.

I've cried you an ocean
If you'd sail on home on again
Wings of emotion will carry you
I know they can
Just let love guide you
And your heart will chart the course
Soon you'll be drifting
Into the arms of your true north
Look in my eyes
You'll see a million tears have gone by
And still they're not dry

If only tears could bring you back to me
If only love could find a way
What I would do what I would give
If you return to me someday, somehow, someway
If my tears could bring you back
To me

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Cold glass against my forehead; it separates me from the one thing I long for most in life. She's the reason I wake up every morning and trudge through my mountains of work. She's the reason many of the people in the city outside these walls have given up their lives, why the four women who are her best friends now stand in the power chamber below the throne room together creating a powerful shield around our crystal palace. She's the one woman who has sacrificed everything a million times over to save everyone and everything from being destroyed. And right now, I, along with everyone else in the world, am cut off from this loving creature, this living goddess by a thick layer of crystal quartz. And why? All because a mad man is bent on taking her from me. I stare at her frozen beauty, wishing I could be lying on our bed, with her snuggled in my arms, cuddling together as we had so many times in the past. Or walking with her as we watch our child, the result of our love and union, as she skips along the sidewalk not too far in front of us.

"I must go now Serenity, my Usako, and prepare for our past selves to appear with our daughter. I promise dearest, I'll find a way to break you out of this crystallized prison that now keeps us a part, even if it takes my last breath to do it," I say as I kiss the cool surface and walk out of the room.

I'd hold you close
And shout the words I only whispered before
For one more chance
For one last dance
There's not a thing that I would not endure

If only tears could bring you back to me
If only love could find a way
What I would do what I would give
If you return to me someday, somehow, someway
If my tears could bring you back
To me

As I look at them before me, though I am not in my body and only a hologram, I yearn for her and ache with hurt. I am also jealous of my past self for being able to be with her and taking it for granted. I hate him, me, for taking what we had for granted, even though it wasn't very often. I watch as the boy almost man I once was, holds the girl almost woman she was. I feel a tear escape my eye as I turn my attention to the small pink haired child who now stands in front of me. She smiles a sad smile at me before speaking. "Is she okay Papa?" she asks.

"She hasn't changed since you left Small Lady," I speak to the result of the love between Serenity and myself. I smile. I see so much of her mother in the small creature. Somehow, watching my beloved's past self and my past self, I obtain a small hint of hope. Her power can move anything and our love can fix anything. Knowing that she's here to protect the future and fight for everything we believe in, is enough for me. I will patiently await the day when I can have Serenity, my princess of the past, Sailor Moon, warrior and champion of my heart, Usagi, my Usako, the girl of my childhood and Neo Queen Serenity, Queen of my life, return to me. My tears will not be in vain. They will bring her back to me.

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Okay, so it's a little sappy, sorry. Thanks for reading and continue to watch for more stories from me!